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Adaptive, modular technology

With over a decade of experience perfecting distributed electronics architecture, we offer global, complete system design, testing and manufacturing where our customers need it. By listening to our customers, reviewing industry challenges and matching them with our expertise, we develop systems that meet the highest standards of efficiency and functionality. From hardware and software design, to full validation and manufacturing, we create technology that considers vehicle architecture, flexibility, cost, weight and power consumption which results in complete design freedom for our customers. Our electronics team is committed to developing the most advanced technology in the business without compromising on service, speed or flexibility.


Intelligent Positioning System

Imagine dispensing of position sensors for electric seat adjustment, automatic tailgates, power windows, and sunroofs. Gentherm has made this a reality with IPS™. By using an electronic control system for electric motors, we have been able to dispense with the position sensors necessary in conventional systems. Instead, the position is determined by means of an algorithm which detects and counts the recurring disturbances during the changeover of the electric motor’s poles. This allows reliable and accurate positioning without the need to measure the motor’s position using an external sensor.

Cables & Harnesses

Commitment to customer focus

Our Automotive Cable Technology (ACT) division pursues various approaches to incorporate new ideas and advancements into our products, making it easy for customers to find safe, durable solutions that work for them. From under-the-hood applications to our patented medical devices, our Automotive Cable Technology is the basis for the functionality of our pioneering products and systems. We meet every challenge head-on with rigorously tested, high-quality materials and designs built to customer specifications. Years of experience, global development and manufacturing capabilities and a passionate commitment to innovation puts our Automotive Cable Technology division in a position to meet any cable and harness requirement.